A Comprehensive Guide Financial Independence for Beginners

All of us dream to have much money for our retirement. We wanted to relax, travel, and pay monthly billswithout asking for help from our immediate family. Getting rich is the solution to the road for financial independence. Sadly, surprise their family got trouble because of debt. Five years ago, bad news that businessman with … Continue reading A Comprehensive Guide Financial Independence for Beginners

In times of Crisis

It was on March 08, 2020, the news broke out that there was a positive person lived in National CapitalnCapital RegiontRegion (NCR)address the issue right away. I was in the mall and people wondering what happened. It was on March 14, the first time we did not hold activities on fiesta, needs a social distancing, … Continue reading In times of Crisis

Work to Learn Don’t work for Money (from the book of Rich Dad Poor Dad)

boThis morning, I grabbed my book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and scan the page, read Lesson 6, to give me another insight for my journey to Financial Independence.

I rewrite what makes me strike most:

Someday, I would like to be the best selling author like you (point to Robert Kiyosaki). Robert Kiyosaki read her article and has the potential to grab the reader’s interest”

“What holds you back from achieving your dream?”

“My work does not seem to go anywhere, everyone says that my novels are excellent but nothing happens. she said”

“Attending to sales course would greatly enhance your career”

“She rejects the offer because she is a professionally trained writer but then attends a sales course”

“Robert Kiyosaki suggests if the young writer follows his advice: 

She diligently learned the skills of sales and marketing, her income would jump dramatically. Take some courses…

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Tips for achieving Financial Independence 

According to Wikipedia: Financial Independence is the status of having enough income to pay one's living expenses for the rest of one's life without having to be employed or dependent on others." Following are the guidelines on how to achieve financial independence: Financial Goals (a financial plan) Protections (Life Insurance, Health Insurance, and HMO)  Emergency funds … Continue reading Tips for achieving Financial Independence 

Why is networking not meant for me?

Have you tried attending networking giving hope to be a millionaire in a few years? But why more than 50% of attending not succeed? Mindset. Your mind is powerful for whatever comes in your mind, definitely, it would happen. If you are always positive thinking, then your environment will result in happiness. The same goes for … Continue reading Why is networking not meant for me?